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Huggy Wuggy and his friends are back! Try yourself in a new horror game where you’ve to return to the sinister toy factory again! 6 players are selected as employees of a special unit, where your task is to extract parts from huge toys that are stored in the closed territory. Some of which are hidden and guarded by various crazy and evil monsters that have captured these places. You’ve to explore 2 maps and solve riddles. The players’ task is to survive. You can upgrade your abilities with the help of Toy Tickets that will make you smarter and stronger in this survival. But be careful! The 7th player joins the game, this player plays the role of a monster that will haunt you and make you experience chilling horror! As a monster, you’ve the opportunity to choose from 3 different characters with a unique style and your own character. The store allow you to purchase a box with a huge selection of cosmetics and qualities every new season making you terribly beautiful and terribly agile!

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