Are you fond of arcade-style games that you can reach from your smartphone? Here is Head Ball, two-player soccer entertainment. You will enjoy it even if you have never played football in real life. But do not expect to participate in a traditional football match. Here. You will use the player’s head to hit the ball in the opponents’ goal. The gameplay is fast-paced, and you can easily test your agility. Are you ready to take part in this face to face confrontation? You will fully immerse into the gameplay from the first match.

What’s your objective?

There are two characters in Head Ball. You control your hero by swiping on the screen to move him horizontally and by jumping when you want to launch the ball. All matches are very short so you should not make false movements. Actually, you will have only ninety seconds to get more points than your adversary. It only seems that you will not achieve much during this short period of time, but you can even score ten goals if you focus on the task. Once your skills are well-honed, you may pass on to real-time tournaments to demonstrate your excellent performance. If you manage to show good results, your global rating will grow and your name will appear in the leaderboards. This competitive element adds even more attraction to this cool entertainment. So do not think for too long – it is time to try to score your first goal

Enjoy a variety of characters

It is one of the winning features of the game – you will have access to a wide selection of personages. Each of them is unique – they come with different skills, strengths, and other abilities. And of course your choice will influence the match development. Besides, when you progress through the game and manage to accumulate enough points, you will unlock new, stronger characters. Overall, there are over 50 different personages in this game. Some of them are copies of the world’s legendary football players. In addition to this stunning choice, there are a lot of customization features you can experiment with. You will be able to choose different outfits for your character to look stylish. And do not forget about various power-ups you can use to multiply your chances for a win. These include speed adjustment, the ability to make the ball bigger and even a special shield you can use to stop the ball approaching you. You will enjoy this engaging activity and have a great time playing it!

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