Poppy Playtime is one of the most renowned single-player horror games. This game consists of chapters. Presently there are two chapters. The gameplay and elements of horror are on a qualitative level. The first time playing will be frightened and interesting for you.

Chapter 1

In the story, you are a former employee of the factory, and you head there to figure out what weird things are going on. You will find some tapes with different useful information, also’ you will solve puzzles as the game progresses. From the first tape, we learn about a new toy – Poppy doll that can talk with children, but we won’t see it in this chapter, it appears here as a presentation.

Then we get a grabpack, a gadget looking like wonder hands, that will be needed to solve the puzzles of this game. As for the horror game, it’s pretty childish, but that’s how the atmosphere is maintained, and it’s much better than a boring search for some symbols or codes like in the majority of horror games.

Another tape tells us about strange things: we listen to a woman who worked here. She tells us about a wonderful childhood’ but why? What role can this play in the future?

Basically, this game consists of intrigue, and a player has a lot of opportunities to construct theories and conjectures. In the last and the most horrible part of Poppy playtime, you can feel incredible adrenaline thanks to high-quality animation. This chapter doesn’t take a lot of your time but these incredible emotions are worth it.

Chapter 2

This part is longer than the first one. Here, in addition to Huggy, many other characters appear. Interesting riddles, mini-games, screamers, notes, new theories, and mysteries drive you crazy.
This project hooks by its identity, implementation, and quality. Monsters look very creepy and terrible. Animation, sounds, voice acting, and graphics create a special atmosphere, and you really believe in what is happening. If you’re a true thrill-seeker, you will find this game attractive. To find other games, surf our website and enjoy playing even on phones and tablets.

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