The fans of survival projects should not miss a thrilling adventure in this genre – Five Night at Freddy’s. It is a cult horror series where the player has only one ultimate mission – to remain alive! The story takes you to the pizzeria – you will work here as a night guard. So what is so frightening here? Wait until the working day comes to its end and a true nightmare starts for you!

Who are your enemies?

There are several robotic toys in this pizzeria. Actually, animatronics are the main attraction of this place – both children and adults come to interact with them. But to your greatest shock, you will soon discover that they are not so friendly as they seem at first glance. When the place closes for the night, you will immediately feel that the atmosphere is very tricky. Who can be there if you personally locked all the doors. These are toy! They have come to life and freely move around the pizzeria. If they find you, they will deal with you in a blink of an eye! So you must invent something not to fall their victim. The best thing is to stay at a safe distance from the antagonists and hold out till the morning. At 6 am, the evil toys return to their entertaining role.

How to escape evil toys?

Unfortunately, you will have no weapons to kill your opponents, and you will need to find a different way to survive. According to the plot, you will have a tiny office equipped with an auto lock and screens that are synced with surveillance cameras. So you will be able to check the whereabouts of your enemies. But you will have restricted supply of electricity, so you cannot keep your doors locked all the time. There are several antagonists in the story, and you will have to learn the behavior of each of them to succeed. The FNAF series has a lot of thrilling episodes. Sometimes the location and even the main character change, but the adversaries are always the same – treacherous toys that are hunting everyone who pops up on their horizon. Each adventure is full of dangers and unexpected twists. Dive into endless challenges and try to remain alive.

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