Simulation Games – exciting games that make you feel like anyone. For example, you can become a passenger bus driver. Offers various real maps, any vehicles, high-quality graphics. Thanks to the gameplay, you will learn to drive any bus.
Another option is an emergency has occurred and a doctor is urgently needed to deal with it quickly. Perform diagnostics, prescribe treatment, take care of your subjects, return them to a healthy active life.

The most interesting and popular

Prepare to become a public transport driver, who will be waiting for passengers at the bus stop. You must deliver them to their destination in time. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy a magnificent and interesting atmosphere, perform various complex missions, improve driving skills.
You can also become an ambulance doctor, carry out operations of varying complexity (including even plastic or heart transplants), save human lives. You will learn to bypass, fix the gastric system, fill, pull teeth, remove the tonsils and more.

What’s special about stimulants

Thanks to such play processes it is possible to learn realistic and smooth driving of any vehicle, to distinguish their sound effects. Many options are provided, real traffic rules, several types of cameras, excellent collection of transport.

You can not only become any doctor, but also a driver. You will save many lives, because in some situations, speed is the most important thing, otherwise a person may die. Learn to provide first aid to distinguish diseases by symptoms.

The game allows you to become a real hero, not necessarily a doctor or a driver. Various professions are offered, many of which are related to saving lives. You will definitely like the process, graphics, doing tasks of any complexity, solving problems. This increases attention and concentration on the smallest details. Such games leave no one indifferent, characterized by entertaining and surprising solutions to problems that may arise in the course of the work.

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