Siren Head is a series of games dedicated to horrible creatures that you need to run away from. Every time the hero will find himself in a different location. It can be an abandoned hut in the forest, an old military station in the middle of nowhere or any other desolate place. Your task is to find a way home without getting into the hands of the creepy sirens!

Watch out, you’re being hunted!

So who are sirens? Nobody knows for sure where these creatures came from. They are some kind of a mix between humans and robots. They tall and thin figures can be seen in the thicket, and you won’t even understand at once whether it’s another tree or a monster. They are really cunning and can move quietly, so keep your ears sharp and react to every sound! But the scariest thing about sirens is that they have speakers instead of heads that are connected to their bodies through a system of vein-like wires intertwining their long clawed hands. And if they see you, they will try to attack you with a shock wave that will knock you off your feet! Be very careful!

Can you get out alive?

Is there really any way to deal with sirens? First of all, you need to be ready to run and hide at the first signs of danger. But you can also find certain weapons on the map that can give you a bit of advantage over these dreadful beings. It’s very hard to kill a siren, but you can at least stun your enemy and gain a few seconds to get away as far as possible. Mostly, you will have just a flashlight in your hands that will be enough to illuminate a small patch right in front of you in the dark and misty wood where you have to roam in search of an exit. With the right approach and a lot of caution, you will be able to stay safe and sound. Feel the atmosphere of a real horror playing our great Siren games online and enjoy the shivers running down your spine!

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