Undertale is an exciting, cute and a little bizarre adventure that will take you on a trip through the world of monsters hidden in the dimensional crack. The main hero needs to find his way home traveling around various locations, meeting different characters and interacting with them and making decisions that will influent the further development of events. Are you ready?

Welcome to the monster kingdom!

It all starts when a usual boy from our world accidentally gets into another world inhabited by monsters of all sorts. He never expected this, and while he is surely thrilled by such a turn of events, he can’t really stay here and must get out. However, that won’t be easy. As it turns out, a human child is just what a local villain needs to implement the dark plans of seizing power in the monster kingdom. So now you have to not only think about returning to your own world, but also about saving your own life. During this amazing journey, you will be able to learn the charming inhabitants of the underworld a little better. Some of them will be evil and hostile, others friendly and helpful. But it’s up to you to establish just the right kind of a relationship with each of them. And there can be several endings depending on what exactly you choose to do in various situations!

Your decisions matter!

Yes, Undertale is a game where each choice of yours affects how the rest of the characters are going to behave towards you. You can either become a noble hero who helps those in need and gain a really powerful reputation. Or you can be uncompromising and simply kill everyone in your way. Depending on it, the same characters you are going to meet in the game can be either supportive of you or aggressive towards you. Let your amazing adventure in the world of monsters begin! Try different ways of passing the game to find out all the endings!

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