Remember all those old kids shows that you used to watch as a child? Those with talking puppets, and rag doll animals, and paper cut decorations? ‘Amanda the Adventurer’ is one of them. But not quite the same – it also comes with a sort of a horror side that you will surely see if you progress far enough through the episodes. Each new episode is stored on a video tape – you can find them all in your aunt’s attic. So let’s begin!

Have fun with Amanda, but get ready for horror twists!

The moment you discover a tape saying ‘Amanda the Adventurer’ while going through the attic of your old family house, you don’t suspect a thing. You pop it in, expecting to see something cute and harmless. But boy, were you wrong! You realize that this show isn’t just a simple kids’ show – it’s got a horror side to it.

And that’s where the fun really begins. You’ve got to solve puzzles and complete all the wacky tasks in order to unlock another tape and progress to the next episode. The puzzles can be really mind-bending. For instance, Amanda instructs you to make an apple pie. Is it even possible while you’re in the attic? Keep in mind that it’s a kids show, so there comes that toy oven in the corner, and you can also find all the plastic ingredients in a box of old toys somewhere else. However, in the middle of it a cute and fun faux pie making turns into a nightmare, and the scares are real!

When a kids show turns into a horror movie

As you progress through the episodes, Amanda becomes more and more malevolent. Her once cute and friendly disposition is replaced with something straight out of a scary dream. And the environment you find yourself in gets more eerie and unsettling by the minute.

But the best part? The sense of nostalgia that permeates the game. The old-timey cartoon aesthetic and the retro feel of the video tapes add to the overall sense of unease. It’s like you’re experiencing something from your childhood that’s been twisted and corrupted. So, if you’re looking for a game that will make you warm and nostalgic all while having you on the edge of your seat, this is it. Just be prepared for some serious scares, because Amanda the Adventurer is not playing around!

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