In That’s Not My Neighbor, you’re cast in the role of a diligent doorman tasked with safeguarding a residential building from the deceptive threat posed by doppelgangers. These entities are indistinguishable from the building’s residents, making your job all the more critical. As the game unfolds, you’re equipped with tools and information to identify these intruders and ensure the safety of the genuine occupants.

Gameplay Overview

The game challenges players to stay alert and use their judgment to differentiate between real residents and their doppelganger counterparts. Each character attempting to enter the building presents a unique challenge, requiring players to scrutinize their appearance, behaviors, and provided documentation against existing resident profiles.

Identifying Residents and Doppelgangers

  • Residents: Authentic individuals living within the building, each with their own distinct features and backgrounds. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with their details to prevent mistakenly identifying them as doppelgangers.
  • Doppelgangers: These entities attempt to mimic the residents. Although they strive for accuracy, imperfections in their disguises or discrepancies in their stories can reveal their true identities.

Key Actions for Players:

  • Screen Each Visitor: Compare the visitor’s ID and appearance with the resident database to look for mismatches.
  • Watch for Anomalies: Be on the lookout for any behavior or detail that doesn’t align with what’s known about the resident.
  • Decision Making: Decide whether to allow entry or activate emergency protocols if a doppelganger is suspected.

That’s Not My Neighbor weaves together elements of suspense, observation, and quick decision-making. Players must remain vigilant, parsing through details and inconsistencies to protect the building’s integrity. Every decision carries weight, influencing the game’s outcome and ensuring the safety of the apartment’s true inhabitants. With an array of residents and doppelgangers to manage, the game offers a rich and engaging experience that tests players’ deductive skills and attention to detail.

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