Horror is one of the most crowd-pleasing genres in the world. The most amazing thing is that we scare ourselves consciously. It is all due to emotions such as fear, tension, a sense of reality, and the risks we take without putting ourselves in real danger. Do you want to thrill? Look for more similar games on our website and immerse yourself in an unforgettable atmosphere of horror.

Let’s test your nerves

While playing horror games you face the atmosphere, it is the atmosphere that creates the desired tension, makes you pay attention and be careful, despite the stress you are feeling, and sets the right tone. The intrigue and feelings that horror games evoke become so appealing that you continue to explore the location despite this terrifying atmosphere.

Hush-hush, it sounds like someone is in my room…

High-quality graphics will make you forget where are you really. Have you ever tried to play horror games in a dark room? Monsters, ghosts, sudden turns, whisper… doesn’t that sound interesting? Turn off the light and feel this.

The sounds in horror games are one of the most basic elements. Echoes, hisses, rumbles, hums…are you scared already? In horror games, sound affects the atmosphere more than visuals. Sound is responsible for maintaining tension; sounds can scare you even if there is nothing frightening on the screen. The sound will keep you from getting bored and feeling safe. Are your nerves strong enough to withstand this?
The gameplay also influences immersion and the feeling of reality. Character movement and interaction with the world around you are so natural that you will be able to fully experience all the emotions you came for.

Horror games are a unique genre, which, thanks to the atmosphere, design, and sounds can give unique and incomparable emotions, to give a dose of adrenaline, just sitting in front of the monitor screen and without risking your own health and safety. We can give you a lot of possibilities to feel this, just check our website.
Hey, turn around! Who’s that behind you?

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