If your mind is boiling with creative ideas, you should not miss the Toca Life series. This project was designed for little players with the aim to boost their creativity and imagination. Millions of kids are already enjoying cool adventures in this game. And you can also contribute to this awesome entertainment. Even if you are not a kid, this wonderful playground will have a lot of exciting activities for you too! Let’s dive in the Toca Life fun!

What is it all about?

You get full freedom and multiple instruments to develop exclusive characters and invent spectacular stories for them. Everything in this game is like in a cartoon – bright colors and funny looking personages. Experiment with all available options in the menu to come up with the hero that stands out from the crowd. Once it is ready, start your acquaintance with this stunning world of adventures. You are encouraged to realize the craziest ideas you may have. You can become an insane stylist and dye all your clients green! Or you can make real chaos in school by teasing your teachers. There are so many cool maps here, that you can realize hundreds of scenarios with ease. As you move through the game, you will continuously unlock new features to customize your hero. Use all the available tools to create a stunning virtual world where fun never stops. You can add multiple new stories to this universe and even set your own rules.

Enjoy multiple locations in Toca Life!

When you only start playing, you will get access to eight separate maps. Besides, you can choose from 39 personages. But step by step, their selection will be growing. It is more than thrilling to explore such locations as Office, City, School, Hospital and more. One of the coolest maps is Vacation. Here you will start on different trips and go through breathtaking events. In one of their recent releases, the developers combined all chapters of Toca Life in one big platform. Now players can easily move between all the maps! Are you ready to become a part of this never- stopping entertainment? Start building your virtual space now!

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