If risk and speed are your hobbies, then GTA is the right entertainment for you. What is it all about? It is Grand Theft Auto series, a collection of cool games where you will taste the life of a true criminal. The key point of each of them is stealing cars and committing various crimes. The main character is always a gangster. He steps on the path of a crime and tries to make his career in the criminal world. There are lots of dangerous missions that only brave players can manage. Are you one of them?

A bit about GTA stories.

There are eleven episodes in this cool series. And each of them is devoted to thrilling adventures – from insane races to terrible crimes. The players will have to complete never-ending missions. Every time, the main hero is a newcomer to some new place. He has to survive, and criminal activity is the only way to earn some money and authority. Usually, the first task is to steal a car. But as you proceed through the gameplay, your trials will become more sophisticated – you will participate in dynamic shootouts and even organize a bank robbery. All locations are copies of the world’s biggest cities. Besides criminal activity, you will also have a chance to explore all the locations and live a private life for your hero. In some chapters, you will even play for several personages at once and switch between them. Players will get access to a huge arsenal of weapons and a wide fleet of transport.

Will you become a super gangster?

All series chapters are full of thrilling trials. But in each of them, you need to break the law. All missions you need to complete are always full of risks and danger. And you will inevitable need to go through killings and robberies to complete them. The aim is obvious – you need to become a powerful gangster whose only name can scare to death everyone around. Are you strong enough to delete your enemies and opponents and move forward? At the same time, you are free to explore the rich open world – make friends and even have some romantic relationship. Lots of adventures are awaiting you in GTA – join it now!

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