Survival Games – the main task is to survive, while there is a real risk of dying. Modes of varying difficulty are available. Some provide a certain number of deaths, others give only one life, in others, absolutely all characteristics change. Despite all this, the essence of the gameplay does not change – you must avoid death at all costs. The conditions that can lead to it are so simple that they are an excellent motivation to improve.

It should be borne in mind that the hallmark of death is depriving you of a significant part of the progress or all of the innovations. Thanks to this, there is a complete immersion in the gameplay, everything that happens seems to be a reality. The advantage is that the developers have added not only new monsters, but also various types of innovative weapons.

State of Survival

It is necessary to conquer the ocean, which is fraught with various mysteries and dangers. To do this, you only have a raft made of wood and ingenuity. To survive, you will have to raise funds, improve your skills, explore new parts of the globe, fight for life with dangerous marine life. We’ll have to learn how to get drinking water and food.
Once you have figured out the main rules of the gameplay, you can start exploring the world around you. Remember that it is the weather that determines the problems that affect the character of your hero, so you need to constantly monitor them. You can feel the taste of life in a world where every man is for himself.

Important Ingredients

Dangers await you everywhere: sharks, mutant crabs, zombies and other enemies. As soon as they smell blood, they immediately attack. Gathering resources is an important part of the game. You can do this with a raft on the water or on land. For example, plastic, wood, metal allow you to improve the raft, add various improvements that make life easier. This also makes it possible to travel longer distances, visiting different islands, each with its own special history.
If you want an interesting plot, great graphics, exciting gameplay that keeps you in suspense, this application is just for you. It definitely does not leave anyone indifferent, it will give you many entertaining hours that will fly by like one minute.

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