Geometry Dash is one of those games that will have you pulling your hair out one minute and then dancing around the room like a maniac the next! It’s a rhythm-based platformer that will test your reflexes and patience to the limit. Are you ready to begin? Then let’s go!

Sheer geometric madness

The main hero of Geometry Dash is nothing you’ve seen before. It’s actually a square. That’s right, a little square that has to jump, and tumble, and maneuver its way through all the hurdles and traps waiting for him on these surreal, tricky levels where everything has one or another distinctively geometric shape. The game is called Geometry Dash for a reason, after all!

The levels are designed to be extremely challenging, with obstacles and traps coming at you from every angle. The graphics are colorful and psychedelic, with neon colors and trippy backgrounds. Plus, there are unlockable characters that you can gain access to as you progress. The icons you play as are pretty cool, ranging from triangles and balls to robots and UFOs.

It’s all about the beat, baby!

But the most distinctive feature of Geometry Dash is that it’s tied into music so much. The game has a catchy soundtrack that is sure to get stuck in your head for days. You can even create your own levels with your own music and share them with the community. But be warned, creating levels can be just as challenging as playing them!

The thing is, you have to time your movements to the beat because the entire environment is kind of synced with it. That means, when you hear another beat, it’s always to best time to make another jump, or slide past that nasty obstacle, or avoid one of your enemies that are out to get you among these acid-dream, neon-flashy expanses.

And the feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally beat a level is incomparable. It’s like you’ve conquered a mountain or solved a difficult puzzle. Start playing Geometry Dash online and see how far you can get!

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