Get ready to don your lab coat, grab your trusty cup of coffee, and dive headfirst into the realm of the supernatural in Alternate Watch! Cause you’re about to stand guard on the shaky boundary between our usual, safe and cozy world – and the scary realm of spirits. Will you be able to fulfill your mission? We’ll see!

Prepare to face the paranormal!

Picture this: you’re stationed in a top-secret lab, surrounded by a multitude of monitors that display various rooms and spaces in the astral plane. Ghosts, spirits, and all sorts of supernatural shenanigans await your watchful gaze. Your job is to keep a keen eye on those screens and react swiftly when trouble comes a-knockin’.

One moment, you might spot a mischievous poltergeist knocking over furniture and playing tricks on unsuspecting residents. Grab your ghostly repellent spray and get ready to zap those misbehaving spirits back to where they came from! Another moment, you might witness a vortex opening up in the middle of someone’s living room, causing a whirlwind of chaos. Quick, activate the interdimensional containment protocol and save the day!

Keep those astral creeps at bay!

As you diligently monitor the astral realm, you’ll come across all sorts of bizarre phenomena. From floating objects and levitating cats to mysterious portals and time loops, the supernatural realm is full of surprises. Be prepared to think on your feet, because when the paranormal gets wacky, you’ll need to be even wackier to keep things under control.

On this wild adventure, the abnormal becomes the norm, and the supernatural is just another day at the office. Keep those monitors humming, react with lightning speed, and embrace the chaos that comes with working in a supernatural lab. After all, where else can you witness a talking cat and a time-traveling teapot in the same day? So strap on your goggles, adjust your tinfoil hat (optional but highly recommended) and let’s play Alternate Watch!

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