Among Us is a multiplayer game that wins the interest of anyone. A stable influx of people is 350 thousand per day, and it’s just the official figures! This game was created 4 years ago but still is popular among children and adults. Simple graphics, fascinating plot, uncommon concept, and exciting atmosphere of detective attract your attention from the beginning.

Don’t worry if your computer isn’t powerful enough, you can have a good time in this game anyway.  And, of course, on our website, you can find a lot of similar online games and enjoy them using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Who are you?

There are 2 main roles in Among Us such as innocent and impostor. The point of the game is communication and unification of innocents in order to identify and disarm an impostor.

The impostor has to destroy all innocents as carefully and discreetly as possible. It’s the most exciting role that requires outstanding skills such as diplomacy, verbiage, cunning, and the ability to ingratiate. Quiet murders, fleeing the crime scene – it’s your basic gameplay.

Innocents must do tasks and detect the impostor. And along with it, they have a hard time too because they must constantly remember that the closest person can be your worst enemy – you have to admit that it’s a hell of a test.

By the way, doesn’t that remind you of the Mafia? You are right! Among Us was inspired by this game, and if you are a true spy, you will be overjoyed while playing.

Communicate to win

The key to success in this game is your communication skills and intelligence. The chat is the main part of the game, which is interconnected with the external actions on board. Both sides must have superior diplomatic skills to reach their goals. You can lie, you can blame, you can pretend, or maybe these methods aren’t yours? What strategy would you like to choose?

There is a real debate going on in the chat room, and if the impostor is revealed and every team member votes for him, he will be thrown into space and the innocents will win. Don’t waste any minute and let’s enjoy! He is among us..

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