Sometimes we get so used to our neighbors that we miss troubling signals telling us there is actually something wrong with them. However, when you’re a new guy in town, you can easily notice these small things and get alerted in time. Is your neighbor just a sullen man with sociopathic traits? Or is he hiding some dark secret? That’s what you are about to find out playing Hello Neighbor!

Is your neighbor actually a killer?..

The story starts with you moving into a new place. It seems like a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, but you instantly start having suspicions about the guy living across the street. He never says hello, he barely gets out of his home and there are strange noises coming out of there. You realize it might all be just your imagination and the police won’t believe you without solid proof. So one day you decide to get into the house of this man and find everything out on your own. Be careful, it can turn into a rather dangerous adventure! Especially when your neighbor is still home…

Get into the house and find proof!

The whole gameplay consists of you sneaking around your neighbor’s house and looking for any clues that can either confirm or deny your suspicions. However, your opponent will be inside all the time, so you have to behave quietly and avoid being caught by him in the act. Luckily, the game has numerous ways for you to deal with the trickiest situations. You can simply run, hide somewhere in the closet or even throw an object to distract your neighbor’s attention. But your enemy isn’t so easy to fool either. He will memorize all of your tricks and keep them in mind for the future. He will also set traps for you all over the place, so be cautious and watch your step! Will you be able to reveal the dark mystery and get to the basement allegedly full of dead bodies? Play Hello Neighbor online and see!

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