Do you believe that all monsters look like terrible beasts? Then you are completely wrong! You are invited to Granny, a series of horror adventures where your main enemy is just an old woman. But she is so cruel and terrible that there is no monster worse than Granny. One day, your character wakes up in her scary house. And all he needs to do is to get out of here before this evil antagonist finds and kills him. It is going to be a true nightmare!

Why Granny is so mad?

No one knows what had happened to this personage. But one thing is clear – Granny did not leave her house for many years and became really insane over time. It is enough to look at her to understand you cannot expect anything good. Granny wears an old dirty robe, her hairs are tangles, her teeth are completely rotten. But what is the most frightening – she has a bat in her hand. And this bat is all covered with blood stains. It proves that nothing will stop this terrible creature from killing you as she did it many times before. You need to run away from this terrible place as soon as possible, but this task is extremely difficult to complete!

You have only five days to escape!

There are several adventures in this horror series. In some of them you will play against Granny alone. But in other chapters, you will face more than one enemy – there will also be a grandpa and a granddaughter. Your aim is to move as quietly as possible across this dull house and find the front door and the key to it. All of your enemies will be hinting you. And the only way to escape the death is to skillfully hide when you see an opponent on the horizon or use some weapon to disarm them for a few seconds and win some time. Each game allows you five attempts. But if you fail to find an exit during this time, you are dead. Check your logic and agility in this scary entertainment. We bet, that you will feel enough goosebumps down your neck. Do your best not to fall the next victim of the evil Granny!

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