Friday Night Funkin, or FNF, is a flash rhythm game. This game can be played in a browser not only on a computer but also on other devices, as well as other games on our site.

I’ll do anything to win your heart!

In this game, there is a story mode and freeplay mode. We learn a story about a boy who gets acquainted with a pretty girl whose father is a singer. The boy must pass a musical challenge, competing in a rap battle with relatives and friends of the girl to win the opportunity to date her and gain the respect of her father.


The gameplay of the game is appealing in its simplicity, it is dynamic thanks to the music, which sets the tone and atmosphere of the game.

There are 18 songs in this mode, including a tutorial, which are spread out over the weeks. This is how this mode differs from the Freeplay mode. The weeks are unrelated and can be played in any order.

The first week is the easiest, where we learn the basic patterns and master the game mechanics. Control of the game on the computer is done using the keyboard. There are also three levels of difficulty – easy, normal, and hard. When passing the test, at the bottom you will see a green bar. Do not let it reach the right edge, making as few mistakes as possible, otherwise you lose.

The visual style is very nice, the graphics are good, the visuals look colorful, the characters are bright and memorable, and it’s a pleasure to look at them. The implementation of the weeks will also not leave you indifferent. All weeks are different from each other. On the sixth week, you’ll get to the dating simulation with bright pink background, and on the third song the atmosphere will shock you and suddenly change to… but you’d better see it with your own eyes.

The game has mods, every element can be changed and redrawn and you can even add your own music, which expands the gameplay and makes the game even more exciting. A simple, bright, dynamic, fun, and extremely addictive game. What more do you need to have a great time? Have fun, and test your sense of rhythm and reaction by playing Friday Night Funkin.

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