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Once in the location, the first thing that comes to your mind is to enjoy the scenery and calming views, breathe in fresh air and start exploring new territory. But as soon as you look up, you will see an incredibly complex variety of metal structures. It is on them that you must move, approaching the endpoint with each step.

Be part of a minority of winners

This crazy game is deservedly considered one of the most impassable, because there is no way to save progress and, after a fall, resume your path from the middle of your adventure. Many gamers lack the control, patience, and calmness to succeed. Can you dispel this myth and turn ridiculous attempts to pass all obstacles into an enchanting walkthrough in thirty minutes?
In this amazingly challenging game, you don’t have to run to the edge of the road, jump mindlessly or make too sudden movements. There is no timer, points, rewards and guides. You are given only a large location and the task is to maintain an upward direction vector of your progress. Stairs, slates, metal parts, fences, narrow bridges and ruined dilapidated houses – all this is designed to make your gameplay as fun and not boring as possible. Don’t forget to use the slow-down feature if you’re not confident in your abilities.

You are supported!

No one will be able to go through such a challenging path without the spiritual support that a sweet female voice will provide you here. Motivational phrases can raise your morale if you suddenly lost it!

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