Number Lore

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Let’s have some fun and combine it with educational elements. You can find it all in Number Lore. It is a project about numbers! Prepare yourself for a serious of exciting episodes where you will have to recognize numbers, add and distract them. Do not worry if a very young player is going to experience it. Even if the kids know nothing about math, this online entertainment will get them acquainted with all the necessary basics. And what is really exciting – you will master these without even noticing it!

Have incredible fun with numbers!

All your characters have cool personalities. They love adventures and always get in various situations where they will need your help. So immerse yourself in this captivating world of math and manipulate with numbers. The game is designed in vibrant and cartoon-like graphics, so the kids will love captivating scenarios. You will be able to enjoy a lot of short mini-games. Complete exciting tasks and proceed from one level to another with ease. If you have zero knowledge about math, this game will change it for the better. You will learn all numbers and how to count them! So it is time to dive into the first story and meet the first cool character!

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