Garten of Banban

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Try your hand at a logic adventure in the horror genre. Today it is one of the best first-person action games that offers a spooky adventure through an abandoned kindergarten.

Press start and start the game!

Before you are empty rooms, changing rooms, play areas, which until recently were filled with children’s laughter. But what could have happened here so that all the visitors simply disappeared in an instant?
Start your puzzle by exploring all the locations. Look into the playrooms, carefully study the children’s slides, sports ladders, swings, be sure to pay attention to the drawings on the walls. Hints for next steps can be everywhere. Each attribute has a meaning, try to associate it with those items that you have already managed to collect in your chest.

Try to move slowly and silently. You are heard by those who deprived local children of their childhood. If you meet a colorful bird, an alien, or a sea creature on your way, use all your resources to defeat him, or run away.

Game Features

Don’t expect a 100% win ending. This is the first part, which will be followed by a whole series of games. Therefore, your main task is to unravel the history of the kindergarten, understand how its inhabitants disappeared, and defeat the characters who only look kind. Upgrade your hero using the found talismans. Solve fun puzzles and get ready for the most intense encounter your gaming life depends on.

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