Buckshot Roulette

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Pull your courage together and step into the bullet hell of Buckshot Roulette! Is your trigger finger as lucky as you think? Feel the weight of the weapon, experience the unique mechanics, and brace yourself for a fresh take on the classic game of chance!

What’s Inside the Box

The Board: Your tabletop battleground awaits, ready to host the deadliest game of chance.
Partly Scripted Dices: Experience the thrill of creating the shell deck and distributing items with a dicey twist.
Bone-chilling Soundtrack: Set the mood with a soundtrack that echoes the intensity of the game.
Multiplayer Action: Because the more, the merrier… or in this case, the scarier!
Variety of Modes: Learn the ropes and explore variations like 2v2, Free For All, or the chaos of Double Shotguns.

Try Your Luck (And Possibly Die Trying)!

Buckshot Roulette isn’t for the faint of heart. You must be both incredibly lucky and bold to survive. Think you’ve got what it takes to cheat death? There is one way to find out – plunge right in, load your gun, take a seat, and let’s play some Buckshot Roulette like there’s no tomorrow (and for some, there really won’t be any)!

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