Baby in Yellow: Black Cat

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It is a new adventure in a dull house with the baby in yellow. If you remember the original story, you had to babysit with this character for a few days while his parents are away. But innocent-looking job turned into a dreadful survival. Now, you are to return to this place again. But once you are in, you are met by a black cat who leads you to a new portal. What to do not and how to return back? This is what you are going to do in this new chapter.

Meet a new character!

The new location is vast and full of surprises. You will have to solve tricky puzzles and complete misleading quests to find the way back. Luckily, you will have a new companion in this story. It is a robot who can repair different things and sort out the chaos. Try to explore this new area – it hides a lot of trials and even traps. Make sure you find all the clues and unlock all the doors to unveil the mysteries of the baby in yellow. This update is so cool that you will be fully immersed into creepy adventures. Have fun!

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