Alternate Watch

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All the action in Alternate watch takes place in a supposedly ordinary family home, but it’s not all that simple. Your main task is to monitor the cameras, which are placed throughout the house and identify anomalies in the monitored rooms. Anomalies can range from incomprehensible human gait to downright creepy ghosts and creatures. In addition, anomalies may also be the movement of objects in the room as if a chair, or an ordinary pillow, which has changed its position. Also, mystical moments can be sound and light effects, which can definitely put you in awe. As soon as you notice any of the anomalies or mythical situations, you must immediately file a report, selecting the location, that is, in which room it occurs and what type of this anomaly, for example, the movement of objects in the room or the strange behavior of the owner of the house. All this must be done in order to correct the mystical actions in this house. Mystical things will happen unexpectedly, so here you have to be ready for anything. The game is made as a surveillance camera. You will act as a kind of guardian of the house, which monitors the order. Only, be vigilant and watch for every anomaly, which occurs to prevent it in time and return to the house, comfort and tranquility. The game will definitely take you to the world of horror and mysticism, where strange things are happening that you have to fight with.

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